Planning To Send Your Kid to Summer Camp? Here Are 4 Tips to Prepare Them for It

Summer is right around the corner, which for a lot of kids means camp season. Summer camps are often instrumental in shaping young lives. They present the perfect opportunity for kids to develop crucial cognitive and social skills outside of their home or school environment. They also encourage new friendships, foster independence and also allow children to make enriching memories they can cherish forever.

But going to summer camp often presents its own unique set of challenges for kids. You may find your little one nervous and anxious, which mostly stems from their fear of having to separate from you. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to alleviate this fear and prepare them well for this new and fruitful experience

  1. Generate excitement with pre-camp activities
    One of the best and easiest ways to get your kid excited about camp is to involve them in the pre-camp activities. Discuss the many amazing benefits of summer camps. Narrate your own experiences, if any. While looking for “preschool summer camps near me,” make sure you let them in on the process so that they have a say in how long they want to be away, which activities they want to partake in, and so on. And when you go shopping for camp essentials, take them along so that they get to see all that they will be taking with them.
  2. Practice staying apart with sleepovers
    Young children may experience some level of separation anxiety when going to summer camp. This is why it is important that you get them used to staying away from you. Sleepovers at their friend’s houses or grandparents’ and playdates are some effective ways to do that. it will also prepare them to sleep in a new environment.
  3. Take them to the campsite, if possible, or look at photos
    When it comes to allaying a kid’s anxiety about going to camp, there is nothing quite like visiting the campsite and exploring all its the fun features. If that is not possible, you can always look up photos online or on the brochure. You can even introduce them to other kids who have attended in the past. The more familiar they become with the camp, the less apprehensive they will be.
  4. Teach them to be independent
    At camp, your kid may be expected to do some things on their own, which will help them become self-sufficient. For instance, at an overnight camp, they will have to make their own bed. So, you can teach them to be independent by asking them to clean their room, look after their belongings, pack their bag for camp, and so on.

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