About Us

Our Philosophy

Here at Little Stars, it is our belief that the foundation for a successful Early Childhood Education is the fostering of a positive self image. In this regard, our program is based on the understanding that each child’s development is an individual process. We strive to meet the individual needs of the whole child through social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

flowers-blue-growing2Little Stars is dedicated to providing a safe and joyful beginning for all of our children. Each classroom provides an environment where children are free to interact, inquire and extend their understanding through hands-on experiences. In this way, children are encouraged to grow in an atmosphere that is nurturing, accepting of individual differences and developmentally appropriate.

Our philosophy regards the years of early childhood as being of crucial importance for the development of full adult potential in the areas of personality, emotional stability and intellectual growth. Every opportunity is provided for the individual child to flourish and to grow in the healthiest possible environment. Our program is designed to provide intellectual stimulation and also practices and teaches human values and healthy attitudes.

We, as educators, are receptive to change and are responsive to new theories in Early Childhood Education. Our school makes a great effort to teach children to learn how to work and play both independently and cooperatively, live effectively with other children, develop self-identity, value the rights of others and take turns and share.


Our History

Little Stars was established in 1987, servicing 2, 3 and 4-year-olds. In 1997, we collaborated with District 11, Region 2, and participated at the beginning of the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program Initiative. This year, the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program offers to all 4-year-olds born before December 31st free of charge full-day attendance for 6 hours and 20 minutes daily. We have enhanced this program by offering extended hours for an additional fee. We currently have three preschools in the Bronx.


Staff and Curriculum

caterpillar-blinkingLittle Stars Preschool is an accredited school and registered with the N.Y.S. Education Department in Albany.  Our teachers are certified in Early Childhood and have been fingerprinted and screened by the Bureau of Day Care and the NYC Board of Education.

Children are grouped by age and teachers are chosen by their qualifications to fulfill each age group’s specific needs. Our staff is composed of competent, well-trained teachers who have been selected for their outstanding performance in the field of education as well as their years of experience working with children.

Our curriculum is age appropriate and each child discovers challenging educational experiences that encourage creative solutions. An individual approach to learning is stressed even when the child is part of a small group. The school offers learning experiences for children of pre-school age in:

  • Reading Readiness – Phonics Approach
  • Pre-School Rudiments of Math
  • Nature Study
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music and Dramatics
  • Daily Exercises

You’ll love the atmosphere of togetherness and learning that is an everyday happening at Little Stars Preschool.