Day Care Programs

Take a look at all of our programs for kids of all ages.

Universal Goals for All Programs

  • To ensure that each of our students develop to his/her fullest potential.
  • To aid each child in developing his/her readiness, socialization and communication skills.
  • To provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for our students.
  • To help each child learn to be self confident by building up their sense of self and providing them with opportunities for success.

Infants & Toddlers/ 6 weeks to 24 Months

Infants and Toddlers learn through exploration. They are interested in what they see and soon they begin to mimic and experiment with their surroundings. The infant and toddler Little Stars Curriculum offers a lot of individual attention in a bright and intriguing learning environment. This enables infants & toddlers to learn through play and exploration while developing areas of social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.





ptoddlerChildren at this age begin to understand group play and are better able to communicate their thoughts. In order to help your child build their cognitive, language, motor and social skills, our curriculum encourages children to explore the world around them while emphasizing language development. This in turn will help your child turn their ideas into words and sentences. All of this is done in natural sequences to encourage step-by-step learning while nurturing your child’s individual needs in order to build their self-esteem.



Nursery / 3-Year-Olds

pnurseryDuring this time, we encourage our children to explore their growing environment and challenge them to learn while making friends and developing their self-esteem. Children are introduced to language, math, science and social skills through play, songs and concrete hands-on activities to encourage learning one step at a time.



FREE Full Day Universal Pre-K for 4-Year-Olds

pprekIn order to help your child develop a love of learning, our curriculum is designed to encourage your child’s curiosity, independence and self-confidence. There is a focus on group activities to help develop your child’s listening and language skills and to promote and develop cooperation and sharing. Independent learning is developed through hands-on experiences, all of which are tailored to meet your child’s individual learning styles.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare your children for First Grade and success in school. There is a push for your child to develop their reading, writing and mathematical skills as well as an introduction to exploring science. Our goal is for your child to enjoy their educational experiences. In order to achieve this, our lessons can be tailored to meet your children’s individual needs and to give them the opportunities to explore and investigate, question, communicate and create.





COVID-19 Precautions At Our Daycare Center

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we, at Little Star Preschools are walking the extra mile to ensure the safety of children and our staff members. We have been closely monitoring the impact and spread of the novel coronavirus and have directed our staff to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC and local health authorities. 

For the safety of your kids at our daycare center, here are a few precautions we are taking as of now: 

  • There are ample masks available for children which can be provided to them after we receive approval from their parents. They are encouraged to wear them indoors, except during nap & meal times. Do note that the CDC recommends against masks for children below 2 years. 
  • To ensure physical distancing, parents are being told to bring and pick up their children from the front hallway daily. 
  • We make sure that no one enters the building, except our daily staff. They wear gloves, masks, and protective jackets when interacting with children. 
  • Temperature checks of staff members are conducted daily at our daycare center.
  • We encourage physical distancing and preventive actions such as frequent hand washing. Educators regularly remind children about the importance of washing their hands and following respiratory hygiene. 
  • We have instructed our staff and caregivers to stay home if they feel sick or display symptoms. 
  • The entire building as well as classrooms, common areas, toys, and materials are disinfected and sanitized every day. 

We are here to support and help your children through these difficult times. Please get in touch with us for more information about the COVID-19 safety measures we have implemented at our facilities. 

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