4 Sensitive Topics That Parents Must Familiarize Their Child With: Modern Upbringing & Child Day Care Services

Apart from the usual pandemic news, one of the recent news that made the headlines is the announcement of Canada towards a tobacco-free generation. The tobacco-free generation proposal advocates the legislation and access of tobacco to individuals born after a specific year. Modern child care and nurturing requirements go beyond child daycare services. The humdrum of parents’ busy lives combined with easy access to technology opens up many dangers apart from the opportunities. Too much access to information leads to misinterpretation, which affects their morals and personality in the long run. Besides, relying entirely on a child daycare center isn’t going to be fruitful and beneficial. Your child spends the maximum amount of time at home. With so many sensitive and controversial issues on the rise, it is advisable for you as a parent to take responsibility and discuss the following four crucial topics and make them a part of your child’s upbringing.


As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want our children to turn out the best individuals- honest, kind, and benevolent individuals. We teach them that being gentle is the best behavior.  However, this is often misinterpreted. One can be kind, respectful, and gentle while being disagreeable or having a different opinion. Normalize saying no around your kids.


Feminism is not a trend that will fizzle out. It is a social awareness movement highlighting the gender-biased caveats of our society. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that our generational biases and ill-practices are not passed onto them. Practice gender-neutral behavior and be aware of your statements. For instance, do not use words like “don’t run like a girl/ cry like a girl/ sit like a boy, put restrictions on your child because of their sex, or divide tasks/ responsibilities based on gender.


Although sex education and sexual abuse awareness have made many child daycare center programs, parents should discuss this with their kids privately, considering its sensitivity. Adopt a friendly approach so that your child does not feel embarrassed or shameful while speaking about it. As a parent, it is your job to make your child understand that it is absolutely fine to talk about their own body for better awareness. You can incorporate anatomical placards or seek assistance from a professional counselor to better understand and differentiate between right and wrong touch.


It comes as a shock that 7.1 percent of kids between age 3-17 have been diagnosed with anxiety, and 3.2 percent suffer from depression. It is not normal for such young kids to even understand the word, let alone suffer from it. Incorporate self-reliance and instill confidence in your kids. It can be as simple as encouraging them to do their tasks and appreciating their work.

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